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DK Days - a new initiative to bring booksellers and publishers closer together

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative 'DK Days' with the team at DK, to bring booksellers and publishers closer together by learning from each other.

Inspired by the success of the BA’s Shopfloor Publishers Project, where publishers worked on the shop floor in a variety of bookshops, the BA and DK are now inviting booksellers to DK’s offices to experience a special inside look into the creative process from start to finish. The day will promote knowledge sharing and provide a unique insight into the daily life of a global publisher.

Ian Hudson, DK CEO, said: “We are very excited to be working with the BA to launch the DK Day initiative. We hope these days will provide a motivating, learning and fun experience for all of those involved and will help us to better understand each other’s priorities and needs.”

Tim Godfray, Chief Executive of The Booksellers Association, said: “It is so heartening to see how, in the last few years, publishers are fully appreciating the value of bookshops and the unique contribution they make to the supply chain. DK Days is a welcome initiative to bring booksellers into the heart of DK’s publishing.”

The DK Days will run three times a year and will be focused around specific themes: Travel, Children’s and Adult Reference. The first is travel-focused and will be held on Monday 29th January. Each Day will include 10-12 booksellers from across the industry who have responsibility for, or an interest in, the specific category under consideration.

Hudson said, “We hope this initiative will prove to be another important contribution to further strengthening the symbiotic partnership between booksellers and publishers.”

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