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Sustainable Bookselling Action Group in blue and green
The BA launched its Sustainable Bookselling Action Group in 2018, to keep a watching brief on what bookshops can do to be environmentally responsible and what efficiencies could be brought to the supply chain to reduce waste.
A 2018 survey of members revealed that:
  • - 19.3% have switched to a green energy supplier
- 12.3% measure the carbon footprint of their suppliers
- 13% are supplied with green credentials of their suppliers
- 67.9% of booksellers have switched to local suppliers where feasible
- 42.9% have reviewed stationery purchases to source from renewable sources
- 63.2% have reviewed how they send things out to customers, including  packing materials
- 56.4% use eco-friendly cleaning and other materials
- 33.3% let their customers know about their green activities
- 59.1% receive unsolicited marketing materials from publishers
- 85.0% would like to choose what they receive
- 56.8% receive unsolicited proofs
- 79.4% would like to choose what they receive

Sustainable Bookselling Manifesto
The Sustainable Bookselling Action Group has created at Sustainable Bookselling Manifesto and intends to produce a Guide to Creating a Green Bookshop. The renamed Sustainable Bookselling Action Group has updated the original manifesto for 2022.
The BA lobbies the wider trade on sustainable issues, and the manifesto is a useful tool in that representation

Read the Sustainable Bookselling Manifesto

BA Learning
The BA ran a successful Sustainable Bookselling Conference in April 2022. You can watch the recording of that event here.
The BA features sustainable bookselling sessions within its conference programmes and there are also useful resources for booksellers on the BA Learning Skills Hub

Sustainable Bookselling Grants
In September 2022 The BA announced the launch of a £100k Sustainable Grant Fund.

This allows BA Members to apply for between £250 and £1000 for a project to improve the sustainability of your business.

Part of the objectives of the Sustainability Grants project is to share best practice, so we are keen to share with other booksellers news on some of the funded projects. We are also keen to gather information about good suppliers, interesting initiatives, and excellent inspirations booksellers may have experienced through the application process.

Two tranches of grants have been awarded. A third round of applications will open in the first half of 2024.