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Orphans of the Tide This Lovely City

The Booksellers Association has announced Orphans of the Tide by Struan Murray as its Children’s Book of the Month for March and This Lovely City by Louise Hare as its Fiction Book of the Month for March.

Murray’s debut novel, Orphans of the Tide tells the story of a mysterious boy who washes up on the shores of The City. Citizens believe he's the Enemy - the god who drowned the world - come again to cause untold chaos, and it’s up to Ellie, a fearless young inventor living in a workshop crammed with curiosities, to prove that he's innocent. Orphans of the Tide is published by Puffin and is available in bookshops now. 

On the book’s selection author Struan Murray said, “Much of my childhood was spent exploring the independent bookshops of Edinburgh, each one a magical, unique treasure trove run by wise and passionate people. The work done by independent booksellers is nothing short of heroic and I am beyond delighted that they’ve picked Orphans of the Tide as their Book Of The Month for March.”

Illustrator Manuel Sumberac added, “It’s an honour to see Orphans of the Tide feature as the BA’s Book of the Month, I hope our readers enjoy reading it as much as I loved bringing Struan’s world to life.”

Louise Hare’s debut novel, This Lovely City explores post-Blitz London, following jazz musician Lawrie Matthews as he arrives on the Empire Windrush and plunges into the Soho music hall scene. When he makes a terrible discovery, fingers of blame are pointed at those who had recently been welcomed with open arms, and soon the new arrivals become prime suspects in a tragedy which threatens to tear the city apart. This Lovely City is published by HQ and is available in bookshops now.

Author Louise Hare said, “I’m thrilled that This Lovely City has been chosen as Fiction Book of the Month. This is a real honour and I'm very grateful to all the independent booksellers who have been so supportive of this novel.”

Independent bookshops around the UK and Ireland will be promoting Orphans of the Tide and This Lovely City throughout March, both instore and on social media. The Booksellers Association will be supporting the promotion of the Indie Book of the Month titles through social media and promotional materials. 

Submissions are now open for  the Fiction Book of the Month  slots for June, July and August 2020. Titles should be published within that period and must be fiction books for adults. The submission deadline is  27 March 2020. Download the submissions form here

Publishers can get in touch with or with any queries.

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