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BAseline Year End 2022
What is BAseline?
BAseline is a popular, valued and FREE business comparison tool available to all independent BA members in the UK. The confidential service helps booksellers gain more insight into their businesses.

Who can take part?
BAseline is available to UK-based independent booksellers who have been trading for at least a year.

How does it work?
The BAseline form is available for participating booksellers from mid-March onwards. They complete that form, submitting figures relating to their turnover, margins, overheads, opening hours, staff numbers and trading space which are then analysed by Nielsen BookData. All figures are treated in the strictest confidence.
Should you require guidance in completing the form, the BA and Nielsen are here to help. If useful, the BA can arrange for you to have free access to a dedicated mentor who can take you through the form step by step. Your mentor will also be able to assist you in interpreting the reports that you receive at the end of the process.

What do I get out of it?
Participating booksellers hear back from Nielsen with an overview report on the independent sector as well as a bespoke report containing constructive, actionable data.
The feedback from the BAseline exercise allows booksellers to review areas such as sales, margins, product mix, staff costs and overheads.

Click here to read a bookseller case study.

What should I do next?
To sign up for BAseline or to ask for more information, please contact Kate Gunning:
‘BAseline is an excellent way to get a more objective view of your business, identify what you
need to focus on, and see how you compare to similar shops. I have found it invaluable.’
Cathy Slater, Dulwich Books