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Batch is the BA’s online payment system that saves booksellers time and money – and it’s FREE to BA members. Register today to start enjoying the benefits.

Batch Payments

Batch Payments
See all your invoices, credit and delivery notes from publishers and distributors 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you need paper copies, simply print them out. You can also make claims online giving you – and your suppliers – a permanent  record of all requests. All your invoices can be paid in a single monthly transaction, cutting admin costs and time wasted on  the phone. Batch can provide free EDI feeds for integration into stock control systems and other accounts packages.

"Batch has made my first year in business so much easier. I couldn't do without it for paying invoices and sending returns.” Emily Dunn, A Festival of Books, Chipping Campden
"Batch is brilliant and saves us hours and hours. It's indispensable to our business and we would never choose to be without  it."  Gwenda Matthews, Bookends, Carlisle

Batch Returns

Batch Returns
Batch Returns is an easy-to-use web interface that takes the strain out of the returns process. Instead of waiting for a publisher’s rep to authorise returns, simply send a list electronically from the Batch Returns website and get an answer within hours. Then print out bar-coded labels and a picking list. The returns messages, just like everything that Batch does, can be provided in different electronic formats. The service is FREE to BA members.

“Batch Returns is now the de facto system for submitting returns in the UK book trade.”  Matthew Hogg, Commercial Director, Macmillan Distribution (MDL)
"It’s difficult to get excited about any aspect of returns, but Batch just makes things easier.” Claire Williams, London Review Bookshop

Batch Data

Data Services
Batch provides a reliable, cost-effective service to translate data from any format into the format required by your suppliers. Our software can translate a single format to multiple formats and deliver to multiple recipients automatically. Contact us for details.

Case Study
A major academic book retailer in Norway wanted to reduce their data integration costs when consolidating different businesses. Batch now takes data from all their suppliers and manages the feed into the retailer's internal systems. Batch handles all changes in data from the company's suppliers saving them thousands of Euros a year.

 Batch Integration Software (BIS)
 BIS is a program that allows invoices and credit notes to be downloaded from your Batch account to a PC. The transactions are then  imported into Sage Line 50 Accounts or Instant Accounts and each transaction is applied to the appropriate supplier record in the  purchase ledger. (Charges apply.)
"The main reason I use Batch is because it is simple, straightforward, free and very easy to use. Batch saves time and so therefore it saves money. It’s a no-brainer. Invoices can be authorised online at any time up to the payment deadline and once done you can forget about them. There are now 18 Batch suppliers that I use from time to time. For an additional £2 per week I use BIS (Batch Integration System), which automatically links to my Sage accounts. Invoices from Batch suppliers are downloaded into Sage, paid on line in Batch and automatically updated on Sage. I don’t have to type any of these invoices up manually. It’s the best £2 spent because it literally saves me hours each month and frees me up for other things.”  Geoff Wallace, London School of Theology Books & Resource

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