The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited
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The Booksellers Network is a place for shop floor booksellers who are members of the BA to come together; to network, to share ideas, compare notes and feel part of a wider bookselling community.
The Booksellers Network has been born out of feedback from shop floor booksellers and will help bring booksellers together from across the UK and Ireland.
The primary meeting place is the Booksellers Network Facebook Group.
This is a closed group and a safe space for members to talk freely.
As well as providing a place for booksellers to chat with each-other, the Booksellers Network is a source of information about all BA activity, including upcoming events.
The BA hosted a series of weekly Facebook Lives during lockdown and the group’s membership has doubled since March.
We also host an annual Booksellers Network Summer event sponsored by HarperCollins

Join our closed Facebook group, here, and talk with other Booksellers Network members.