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FriddIT has been retained by National Book Tokens for 1/2 a day a week to provide a range of simple technical support services for independent booksellers.

These include:

- Website advice and systems integration with Gardlink, Bertline, Booksolve, Merlio etc
  • - Payment interfaces, onsite and online – Credit Card, Paypal etc
  • - Network support (including wifi)
  • - Printer support and advice
  • - PC maintenance, upgrades, and new PCs
  • - EPOS hardware
  • - PC security
  • - GDPR compliance
  • - Customer mailings, Mailchimp, Edelweiss360, Sendgrid, Clickatel
  • - Data use and Nielsen/Edelweiss integration
- Simple report designing support
  • - 'How to’s on accessing additional data not in your stock system (eg from Nielsen, publisher websites, Gardners)
    - General Stock control, stock take & returns advice
    - Order management and Supplier setup advice
    - New Bookshop tutorials (terminology, key organisations, events)
    - Training opportunities at Dan’s wifes bookshop Bookbugs and Dragon Tales
    - Also available for Edelweiss Ordering, analytics, customer mailing and catalogue advice – Dan’s full time role

Feel free to contact FriddIT as often as you need for advice and support. Please note that National Book Tokens have retained FriddIT for 1/2 a day a week, so occasionally there may be a slight delay in responding to your queries.
These services are designed to provide booksellers with basic information and support. Any large IT projects will need to be referred to commercial providers or if appropriate can be charged for by FriddIT as a stand-alone project.

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