The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom & Ireland Limited

FREE Digital Proofs for BA Members

The BA has teamed up with NetGalley to offer quicker access for UK booksellers to digital proofs from over 50 UK publishers, from the biggest - Bonnier, Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and Pan Macmillan - to the most respected and influential independents. The goal is to give individual booksellers the ability to discover a wide range of new titles and authors, boosting their knowledge and driving discovery and sales on the shop floor.

Using the service is easy. Simply go to and sign up as a bookseller. In your profile, enter your BA Account Number and you will receive a prominent BA logo badge on your profile. This will allow publishers to identify you as BA members, and prioritise your requests to read titles.

Many booksellers love traditional proofs but, increasingly physical proofs are available in limited quantity or for top titles only. Digital proofs mean a wider range is available for BA members, and there is no limit in the number that can be distributed - which means no more squabbling over the solitary proof sent to your bookshop.

BA Contact: Pippa Halpin, T. 020 7421 4695, E.

If you're already a BA Member, please log in here to find out discount codes and NetGalley contact details.