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Coronavirus and Bookselling: Advice and Resources

UPDATE: Please visit our dedicated webpage for all coronavirus resources and updates:

The Booksellers Association is continuing to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and we will continue to update members and share advice from our trusted partners. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns please email us
 The coronavirus crisis is having a big impact on life in the UK and Ireland.  We remain concerned about the impact on booksellers, their families, their businesses and wider high street communities. 

We urge booksellers to continue to take the normal precautions as advised by the Government, and the BA is monitoring the situation carefully.  We discussed the coronavirus at our Annual General Meeting, held in London this week  We are obviously recommending calm and measured responses to the situation at all points, and are here as a point of contact for members should you need us.  Bookshops remain a source of knowledge and information, insight and expertise at challenging times, and that remains true at this moment.
Please do let us know of any particular concerns you have; hearing from members helps us tailor our responses.
As the BA continues to monitor the outbreak, booksellers are invited to visit a new page on our website where we'll post updates, general information about the outbreak, and resources for retailers.