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May Indie Book of the Month titles announced

indie Book of the Month - May 2021

The Booksellers Association has named China Room by Sunjeev Sahota as its Fiction Book of the Month for May, and By Ash, Oak and Thorn by Melissa Harrison, as Children’s Book of the Month.
From award-winning novelist Sunjeev Sahota, China Room is the story of Mehar, a young bride in 1920s Punjab, who spends her days hard at work with her newly arrived sisters-in-law, trying to guess which of three brothers kept at a distance is her new husband. When she develops a theory on which of them is hers, she sets off a chain reaction that will endanger more than one life. Mehar’s story is linked to that of a young man arriving at the now abandoned farm in 1999, seeking refuge from addiction and racism in England, who finds the ‘china room’ where Mehar once worked is now locked and barred. China Room is published by Harvill Secker on 6th May and is available for pre-order from bookshops now.
Bookseller Jo Coldwell, Red Lion Books, said of China Room, “Short chapters make for a pacy read.  The minutiae of the women's lives, tasks and conversations is compelling as we naturally wait for revelations and for one of them to break the mould.  An intriguing and memorable read”.

By Ash, Oak and Thorn is the new title from All Among the Barley author Melissa Harrison, which follows Moss, Burnett and Cumulus, three tiny, ancient beings once revered as caretakers of the Wild World, who set off an adventure through countryside and city after their ash tree home is destroyed. Learning how to survive in a precious, disappearing world, the book introduces children to the natural world around them, whether they live in the country, suburbs or inner city. By Ash, Oak and Thorn is published by Chicken House on 6th May and is available for pre-order now.

Author Melissa Harrison said, “Indie bookshops are the beating heart of the industry – especially when it comes to the children's market. Matching curious young minds with books that will expand their imaginations and possibly change their lives is such an important task, and one no algorithm will ever master." 

Independent bookshops around the UK and Ireland will be promoting China Room and By Ash, Oak and Thorn throughout May on social media and instore. The Booksellers Association will be supporting the promotion of the Indie Book of the Month through social media and promotional material.