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Bestselling author and bookshop devotee, James Patterson, has announced an award to recognise young booksellers for outstanding contribution. James Patterson’s Young Bookseller Special Achievement Award will see twenty young booksellers presented with £500 each. 

The award commends booksellers aged 25 and under who have worked in a bookshop for a minimum of 12 months. Candidates may be nominated by their managers or colleagues and nominees from all high street bookshops across Britain and Ireland will be eligible. 

James Patterson is committed to bringing attention to bookshops, and he is especially concerned with encouraging young people into the industry to continue to inspire lifelong reading.

This award is the latest of James Patterson’s numerous financial donations to support bookshops. In the past five years, Patterson has donated £500,000 to independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland to encourage children to read. This funded projects ranging from refurbishment and expansion of children’s sections to organising a bedtime reading project. And in 2013, Patterson pledged $1million to US bookshops which funded everything from customising a school bus as a mobile bookshop to providing free books for underprivileged children.
James Patterson

Between 2014 and 2016, American crime author James Patterson donated over £500,000 to independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland

James Patterson says: “I am overwhelmed by the passion and energy of so many young booksellers. I am delighted to be launching James Patterson’s Young Bookseller Special Achievement Award to recognise the talent of these young people who will help to shape the future of the bookselling industry.”   

Nic Bottomley, President of The Booksellers Association, says: “We are thrilled by the creativity of young booksellers across UK and Ireland. We are delighted that James Patterson’s Young Bookseller Special Achievement Award promotes the work that young people in the bookselling industry do to encourage reading. I am very proud to be BA President at a point when a bestselling author is making such an unequivocal statement of confidence in the bookselling industry, and proud of the young booksellers who are proving him right.”

Entries are open until 7th May 2019 and full details on how to apply can be found below. 
  1. Open to those employed by a business in membership of the BA, in any membership category
  2. Candidates can be full or part time
  3. Candidates should have been a bookseller for a minimum of six months
  4. To those aged 25 or under at May 7th 2019
  5. Deadline May 7th 2019
  6. Candidates can be nominated by their manager or by a colleague (current or past)
  7. Nominations should be a citation of no more than 500 words, which should include detail of the relation of the nominator to the candidate, information on the candidate’s bookselling background, including what makes them stand out, what characteristics they have that make them a bookseller who makes a difference.  The citation can include links to articles, press or social media activity but must not exceed 500 words
  8. The nominations should be sent, with James Patterson Special Achievement Award in the subject line, to by 7th May 2019
  9. The nominations will be considered by the James Patterson team at PRH, in consultation with James Patterson, and awards of £500 shall be given to 20 young booksellers
  10. The judges’ decision is final
  11. The awards will be announced mid July 2019 to coincide with James Patterson’s trip to the UK
  12. The awards payments will be made to the booksellers by the end of July 2019