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  • Give British bookshops cultural exemptions from business rates

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  • - High Street bookselling is under pressure. Unless the inequities in the business rates system are addressed, 275 towns in this country could lose their bookshops
  • - Bookshops enjoy none of the financial benefits that are afforded to Amazon, and yet they give so much back and they play by the rules… as caring employers and by paying their dues to the exchequer
  • - Bookshops are Wealth-Creators… Every £1 spent in a bookshop generates a further £1.91 in the local economy. Together the booksellers of Britain contribute £1.9 billion to the UK economy
  • - Bookshops are Jobs Creators… Employing 24,000 people directly and supporting a further 22,000 jobs in the wider industry
  • - Bookshops Pay Their Taxes… The amount contributed to the exchequer by booksellers each year is enough to pay the salaries of 5,000 fully qualified nurses
  • - Bookshops are Cultural Assets… -They launch and build the careers of authors; they champion reading for pleasure and affect lives; they are pivotal in their communities; they bring vitality to their high streets
  • - Business Rates dispensation has been given to pubs in recognition of their community value with qualifying pubs getting a £1,000 discount on their annual rates
  • - Booksellers bring both community value and cultural value to their towns and should be given the same exception
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  • Bookshop Heroes  A Bookshop Like This
  • Bookselling Britain: The economic contributions to - and impacts on - the economy of the UK’s bookselling sector provides a   fascinating  picture of the UK bookselling sector, and if you’d like to know more detail about the economic, social and cultural   contribution bookshops make to the UK economy, you can read the full report below, but key facts include…
-  Bookshops contribute up to £600 million to Gross Domestic Product, employ 24,400 workers, and make an estimated   contribution to   the UK Exchequer of £131 million, including £28 million in business rates, and £12 million in corporate tax.

    • This contrasts strongly with the UK’s bookshops most significant competitor, Amazon, which operates under a tax system designed for the pre-internet age that allows Amazon a much lower operating cost than booksellers in the UK, and means they   avoid the same   heavy rates of business rates tax. Independent research suggests Amazon may be paying eleven times less in tax per £100 of turnover   than UK bookshops, giving them a huge commercial advantage. These advantages have helped US company Amazon dominate the UK book trade.

Read about our Booksellers for Business Rates Reform campaign in The Bookseller and find photos from our Parliamentary Reception with World Book Day and the Publishers Association here

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