BA Policy Documents & Statements

Below you will find a range of policy statements and information on a number of topics.  

Administration of Business Rates - BA Submission to HM Treasury
Books in Prisons - BA Letters to Secretary of State for Justice
Books in Prisons - National Offender Management Service Letter
Bookshops in the Cultural Life of a Nation
European & International Booksellers Federation
EIBF Book Charter 2014
Manifesto For The 2014 European Elections
BA Letter to Maria Miller, Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport
Mary Portas High Street Review - BA Submission to The Department for Business Innovation Skills

Competition & Bookselling - Avoiding The Pitfalls
Competition Law - BA Briefing Note
E-Book Terms & Conditions
State Aid - Luxembourg & Amazon - BA Submission to DG Competitiion
Consumer Rights Directive: Improving Consumer Information For Online Digital Products - BA Submission to DG Justice
On the Interoperability of eBook Formats
Charity Bookshops
Consultation by ICANN on Closed Generic Top Level Domains - BA Submission
A Common European Sales Law for The EU - BA Submission to The Ministry of Justice
VAT and E-Books - BA Letter to The Chancellor
The Proposed Acquisition of The Book Depository by Amazon - BA Submission to The Office of Fair Trading
Systematic Synthetic Phonics - BA Letter to Nick Gibbs,Schools Minister
The Acquisition by Woolworths of Bertram Books - BA Submission to The Office of Fair Trading

BA Statement of Principles on Copyright
Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules - BA submission to DG Markt
Copyright works: seeking the lost - BA Submission to The Intellectual Property Office
Hargreaves Review of Copyright - BA Statement
Creative Content in a European Digital Single Market - BA Submission to DG INFSO and DG MARKT
The Proposed Google Book Settlement - BA Submission to The European Commission
The Proposed Google Book Settlement - BA Submission to The US District Court
The Proposed Google Book Settlement Revision - BA Statement
The Public Performance Licence for Background Music in Shops and Stores - BA Submission to The Copyright Tribunal

Defamation Act 2013
Draft Defamation Bill - BA Submissions to The Joint Committee

Environmental Action
Single-Use Plastic Bag Charge for England - BA Submission to Defra Call for Evidence
The Proposed Single Use Carrier Bag Charge (Wales)Regulations 2010 - BA Submission to The Welsh Assembly
The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme - BAPA EAG Submission to The British Property Federation

Libraries & Reading
BA Statement on Libraries
Inquiry Into England's Public Library Service - BA Submission to Sieghart Review Panel
Public Lending Right Rate Per Loan Proposals for 2014 - BA Submission to Department for Culture, Media & Sport
Public Lendiung Right 2013 - BA Submission to The Department for Culture, Media & Sport
Opening Up Education - BA Submission to DG Education & Culture
E-Book Lending By Public Libraries - BA Submission to The Sieghart Review Panel
E-Book Lending By Public Libraries - BA Response to The Sieghart Review
Library Closures - BA Submission to The Culture Media Sport Committee Inquiry
E-Books and Public Libraries - BA Letter to ed Vaizey, The Department of Culture Media and Sport
Bookstart A Need to Continue The Programmes - BA Letter to Vince Cable, Business Secretary
The Modernisation Review of Public Libraries - BA Submission to The Department for Culture Media Sport