The Independent Booksellers Forum is the BA’s independent booksellers group. It exists to bring independent booksellers together across the UK, to facilitate the exchange of best practice and the sharing of ideas and experience. The IBF is open to any independent bookseller within the BA and IBF resources are FREE to booksellers. 

The Independent Booksellers Forum aims to generate ideas, provide opportunities to meet with other booksellers facing the same challenges and successes, engage in independent marketing strategies and obtain useful advice on practical day-to-day issues.
The IBF also runs the IBF Bookseller Fitness Programme, the independents’ marketing campaign , IndieBound UK www.indiebound.org.uk and Independent Booksellers Week www.independentbooksellersweek.org.uk

Helping the BA staff run the IBF is an Advisory Panel of ten booksellers:
For more information about the IBF contact meryl.halls@booksellers.org.uk or naomi.gane@booksellers.org.uk