BA Advisory Council

The BA's membership is represented by an Advisory Council of booksellers, who discuss and advise the BA Board on policy issues that affect all BA members. It meets not less than three times a year. The Council representatives are listed in the members' area of the site and can be contacted by any BA member who wants a particular issue brought to the notice of a Council meeting; simply click on the name of the Advisory Council Member you wish to contact.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Council

  •  Above all, to advise the BA Board as to how to help members of all types and sizes to prosper in the business of bookselling, especially in strategic matters.

  • To consider relevant reports from the BA Advisory Groups (for ongoing issues), BA Working Groups (for temporary issues), outside committees (for example the BA/PA Liaison Group) and BA Branches, especially when strategic matters might be involved.

  • To set up as appears necessary Working Groups for temporary issues and Advisory Groups for ongoing issues.

  • To bear in mind always that communication with members should be two way: not only do members need to hear from the Association; they also need to know that the Association will give them a voice. Even when it is not possible for the BA to have a unanimous view on a matter affecting members differently, each view should be expressed by the BA on behalf of the members holding it, despite the lack of an agreed Association policy.

The composition of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of the Officers and not fewer than 10 and not usually more than 15 members.
Members of the Council do not normally expect to serve more than two three year terms consecutively; there may, however, be special considerations in some cases, leading to a longer consecutive term of service than six years.