BA Board of Directors

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors answerable to the membership in General Meeting. It meets not less than three times a year. The Board representatives are listed in the members' area of the website and can be contacted by any BA member who wants a particular issue brought to the notice of a Board meeting.

Responsibilities of the Board

  • Furthering the objects of the Association as expressed in its Memorandum of Association.

  • The appointment of a Chief Executive and, through the Chief Executive, monitoring the efficiency and well being of the paid Executive staff.

  • Agreeing the remuneration of the paid Executive staff.

  • The financial administration and management of the affairs of the Association, including the scrutiny of detailed budgets provided by the paid Executive; approving B.A. budgets and monitoring financial performance.

  • Setting and agreeing financial and other targets with each of the Association’s subsidiary companies, and monitoring their performance throughout the year.

  • Liaison with and, when appropriate, the consideration of reports from, companies partly owned by the Association.

  • The circulation to members of an Annual Report and annual accounts.

  • Recommending professional appointments, such as those of auditors, bankers, solicitors and stockbrokers, to the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

  • The appointment of such committees and working groups as may be necessary to the efficient working of the Association, and the appointment of representatives to joint committees and outside bodies.

  • The production and circulation to members of a circular, keeping members informed of Association activities and of the work of the Board.

  • To be mindful of the need of members of whatever size or type for a voice to express their interests and concerns and, in particular, to act upon the decisions of the Advisory Council.

  • The development and application of ideas for the betterment of bookselling.