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BOOKS ARE MY BAG Campaign Launched

A campaign for bookshops devised by M&C Saatchi to be launched at The London Book Fair on 16th April.

BOOKS ARE MY BAG will be launched to the trade at The London Book Fair with a presentation on Tuesday 16th April at 4pm by Patrick Neale (President of the Booksellers Association), Gail Rebuck (Chairman and CEO of Random House Group) and Lord Maurice Saatchi.  The campaign slogan will be revealed on a cloth bag designed by M&C Saatchi, along with the website and the mission statement. 

The campaign will be launched to the consumer in September and run through to Christmas. Visitors to the fair will be able to sign a `BOOKS ARE MY BAG’ wall naming their favourite bookshop or describing what their local bookshop means to them.  All visiting authors to the fair will be photographed with the bag for later use in the autumn campaign.

The concept of the BOOKS ARE MY BAG campaign is fun and simple – to crystallize and strengthen the link between a passion for books and bookshops.  All booksellers, chain, independents and publishers are coming together and speaking with one voice to celebrate the pleasure and cultural importance of the high street bookshop.
BOOKS ARE MY BAG will be launched to the consumer on Saturday, 14th September. BOOKS ARE MY BAG canvas bags will be given away by participating retailers and supported by a celebrity-led photo campaign.    
The BA will be sending to all BA members full details of how booksellers can get involved with BOOKS ARE MY BAG – including how to order bags – immediately following The London Book Fair. Booksellers can register to receive free bags and PoS and order additional bags at cost. At launch booksellers will have access to an extensive photo-library of the celebrities supporting the campaign.

BA members will be able to order bags online at the campaign website or you can download the bags order form here.  You can also view the the Trade Launch invite here.
Patrick Neale (President of the Booksellers Association) said: “Anybody who knows me knows how passionate I am about my bookshop and about the relationship between bookshops, their customers and their communities. We all know that there are many ways to buy and sell books but what BOOKS ARE MY BAG captures and celebrates is the physical; the simple truth that bookshops do more physically to let people enjoy their passion for books. I am so delighted by the support we are seeing from across the whole of bookselling and publishing for this campaign on behalf of bookshops.”
An impressive number of publishers and retailers have already pledged their support for the campaign, including Random House, Hachette, Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Bloomsbury, the Faber Alliance, Egmont, Wiley, Waterstones, WH Smiths, Easons and Independent booksellers
James Lowther (Founding Partner of M & C Saatchi ) said  “When you buy a book from a bookshop, you get a possession that you may well value for the rest of your life. You’ll have enjoyed the pleasure of browsing other books before making your choice. You may well have got advice about it from someone who loves books even more than you do, the bookseller on the other side of the counter.
And you will have partaken in a process that is a vital part of our culture, our community and our High Street.  This bag is designed to encourage the most important people, the book reading public, to assert their love and support for bookshops and encourage others to do so. It says “I use bookshops because I value them.  And I want it to stay that way”.
Gail Rebuck (Chair and CEO of Random House) said: “Bookshops are of great cultural importance to the country at large and the communities which they serve.  In these challenging times for the UK High Street, it is terrific that a world renowned advertising company – M&C Saatchi – has devised such a positive campaign for all booksellers.  This initiative focuses on the art of the possible and will celebrate the simple joy of browsing – and, of course, reading books.”
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